Supporting Local Bees:

Robert MacKimmie
Keeper of urban bees and their Bay Area county cousins.

(observe the beekeeper!)

City Bees™ honey is distinctive, unlike the common blends that you get from major honey producers, ours is raw, unheated and unfiltered - natural and healthy honey. We nurture and hand-craft honeys from specific microclimate neighborhoods nestled in the hills and valleys of San Francisco. Each area of the city has unique weather patterns, so gardens and wildflowers bloom according to the amount of sun, fog and rain in each location. While certain plants bloom in the Presidio, distinctly different blooms provide nectar in the banana belt of the Mission. At the same time, wild spiciness is often collected concurrently by the McLaren Park bees roaming around near Candlestick Park. Not suprisingly, the amount of honey available from each hive is extremely limited; each site provides appropriate locations for one, or quite often, two hives only.

The bees are extremely health challenged by the invasion of the Varroa Mite less than a twenty years ago, beekeepers are doing their ecological duty by helping nature function. Without assisting the bees, the blooming of the flowers and trees would be like musicians dressing up for the symphony, only to find no audience.

If City Bees didn't make these honeys, they wouldn't exist.

As the honeybees say, "Don't take our word for it, Taste the View™ ..."

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